Why Your Product or Service Is Destined To Be A Flop!

Starting a business, creating a product or launching a service and only then beginning to consider your marketing or trying to figure out who will buy it is a sure way to make it a flop.

Unfortunately it is still being done by aspiring ‘entrepreneurs’ everyday. People are writing books, registering companies and starting on building websites and spending years programming only to run into a roadblock when it comes to making sales.

The mentality of ‘build it and they will come’ no longer works to a large extent. Nor does just throwing up a website and expecting to make money because 1,000 other people are doing it. If you haven’t taken the time to research and plan a smart brand image, taken into consideration who your target market will be and plan your marketing and positioning and to really calculate if your business model can be profitable and attract the volume of customers you need to make the money you want ahead of time you are setting yourself up for failure.

Wouldn’t it be much easier and smarter to have a large pool of fans and customers already begging for a product or service and simply filling that need instead? This means immediate, almost effortless sales and instant profitability!

This doesn’t mean that your ideas should be shelved or are without value. Perhaps they are exactly what is desired or with a little tweaking can be positioned that way.

How can you achieve this? It is a lot easier than you think. Find a niche, position yourself as an expert in it and build a large network of contacts. This can be done through online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as with blogs and even through print and personal networking.

Imagine the difference in having 100,000 prospects lined up and with many even pre-ordering or buying in bulk on your launch date! Compare that to having invested all of your capital in a product or website, having no sales yet, no prospects in the pipeline at without the cash to go back and re-work your offering to actually make it appeal to those it was meant for.

On top of this of course having a pre-established network already sets you up to unleash a series of increasingly more profitable products with higher price tags and that will sell themselves.

This is really the ideal strategy today for those who are getting into business for themselves purely to make money. However, this should not dissuade those of you who are really driven and inspired to create a specific product or service or to start an enterprise of your own that you are really in love with. Do it and find a way to capitalize on it or make money with it. Just recognize what you are up against and understand that while it may be more fulfilling you may be sacrificing some sales.

Promotion Through Online Public Relations

For promoting website content, article submission should go hand in hand with online public relations. The importance of public relations need not explained, as it is of overriding value to the promoter. Online PR is an excellent way of promoting since it targets the mainstream news media more precisely. A good press release that features on the website of a major news network can close the gap between a rank 30 and a rank 10 of one of your key search phrases.

A good press release is always modeled on key questions of why, when, who, where. A press release can bring free publicity from well-trafficked sites, but the release must cater to a particular audience with something specific or important. Most companies or sites use a press release to communicate something new or innovative about themselves. Unless you have something of that kind to tell, wait for a better timing for a press release.

For a press release to be acceptable to PR repositories and major websites, it should be well structured, with the most important part of the message mentioned at the top and later discussed in greater detail. The headline should ideally be less than 20 words and the date and location should be mentioned below it. The body of the release should answer the questions of the five Ws – who, what, when, where and why and should obviously discuss the product or service being highlighted. Generally all press releases carry an anchor-rich HTML link to the service or the product and one to your own website. To conclude mention about yourself and the work you do, the company name, address, phone number and web address in the release.

The next step is to submit the press release to some main online PR repositories. Most importantly, do not fail to remember to carry the original of your press release on your own site, preferably in a ‘news’ or ‘press release’ category under an ‘about us’ section. Some PR sites even offer the opportunity to feed the release into Google News and Yahoo! News. It can make a world of difference to an article or a website.

What are Eye Allergies, and what are the Symptoms and cures?

These allergens irritate the eyes’ surface and cause itchy, red, watery eyes. Some people may experience additional symptoms of an eye allergy including swelling or having difficulty focusing on objects. If left untreated for too long, an eye allergy can lead to vision loss from scarring of the cornea, and you may even need to get eye testing in Sri Lanka, and visit an optician in Sri Lanka to get spectacles done.

Symptoms of eye allergies include:

Red, itchy eyes.
Watery eyes & excessive tearing. This is your body’s way of trying to flush out the allergens from your eye and nose areas.
Swollen eyelids that can feel gritty or scratchy when you blink.
Your vision may be blurry due to swelling around the blood vessels in the cornea which causes a decrease in tear production leading to dry eyes.

According to professionals in eye care in Sri Lanka, eye allergies are treated by avoiding exposure to triggers like pollen, smoke, pet dander etc., using over the counter medications such as antihistamines for symptom relief and drops containing corticosteroids (steroid) for treatment of inflammation caused by allergy symptoms affecting the surface layer of your eye. Treatment options for more severe cases of eye allergies may include prescription eye drops or ointments containing anti-inflammatory medications. If you are unable to find relief after a few days of treatment it would probably be best to seek out professional help at an optometrist office or something similar nearby.

If you are prone to eye allergies, it is best to be very careful that you don’t get exposed to allergens, because even though it may be curable it can be uncomfortable when you get these allergies.