7 Steps to a Profitable Product Launch

If you want a successful product launch follow these seven steps.

1. Determine the needs of your customers by emailing a survey to find out what their interests are and what they would like to learn more about. After reviewing their surveys, thank your customers for their responses and inform them of the new product you are developing to meet their needs. This was done recently with one of my latest products and I received purchase orders from four percent of my current customers.

2. Develop products that meet your client’s needs and interests. This is the most difficult part of the product, is to take time to create it. When releasing the product it should be complete and robust, matching your marketing newsletters and promotional campaigns. Do not cut any corners on product creation which could hurt your credibility for future releases and products. I have customers who buy everything I have created and released. They do this because they know I deliver valued products and I deliver them on time and with highest quality.

3. Let your customers know you have a new product in development and when they should anticipate your release. Make sure they get all your promotional campaign emails and links to your product website.

4. Partner with other internet resellers and marketers who may have similar customers to provide joint campaigns and release newsletters.

5. Ensure your website is functioning properly. Make sure all your links work correctly, that your product is presented appropriately, your payment gateway is functioning and your thank you pages are operational and providing your customers with an appropriate thank you message. Ask your customers for their suggestions on their ease of use with your website and implement their suggestions when possible. Create a message board to identify customer contributions and results of those contributions.

6. Create a marketing landing page that will draw immediate and positive attention and traffic to your product. Understand what it takes to write a good article and content for your website and sales materials. Remember that a bad promotional campaign can have disastrous effects on even the best products.

7. Finally release your product! Send out an email to all your customers with a link to your website and product promotion page. Let them know the product they have been waiting for has been released and ready for their consumption. Repeat the email notifications for a couple of days and then sit back and collect your profits.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay For the Best Organic Skin Care Products?

The best organic skin care products often come with a hefty price tag, but not always. Depending on what products you use and which brands you prefer, you will probably find prices as varied as the sellers who offer them. How much should you spend, then, on the best organic skin products?

Different variables can affect the price of one product, and they usually are decided at the point of sale. Keep in mind, when you talk about best products, for the purposes of this article we are referring to those products with the costliest ingredients.

The High Price of Product Recognition

The best products available are often launched with expensive marketing campaigns, which can drive the product price up. The most well-know names in organic skin care products, particularly the new breed of anti-aging formulas that are hitting the market seemingly every day, spend small fortunes to market and advertise their lotions and creams.

Product packaging and branding is big business, as it raises public awareness and, ideally, sales. With some products, the price reflects those high marketing costs, although with the largest cosmetics industries, it is just a part of doing business.

Point of Sale

The store or other venue in which you choose to purchase your organic skin care products will have some bearing on how much you will pay for your favorites. A high end retailer is going to carry the most expensive and best organic skin care products, and few if any moderately priced items. Shoppers who go to the high end stores for their favorite products know what they want and don’t mind paying the price, especially since the high-end products are hard to find in other stores.

The high end retailers often have expert skin care and cosmetologists on staff to offer advice on applications and product ingredients. When it comes to skin care, there are plenty of men and women willing to pay top dollar for the most expensive creams and potions, and they know where to go to find them.

Savvy shoppers, once they have established their high end organic skin care product of choice, will search online from among dozens, and even hundreds of retailers at a time to find a price that beats the others.

What are the Ingredients in the best organic skin care products?

There are many different ingredients used in today’s organic skin care products, and those considered the best are the ones that contain expensive individual ingredients such as rare oils, hard to extract hormones and enzymes, particularly those found in anti-aging creams and lotions.

New products are arriving on the market every day with claims of rare new ingredients proven to accomplish some significant feat.

Promotion Through Online Public Relations

For promoting website content, article submission should go hand in hand with online public relations. The importance of public relations need not explained, as it is of overriding value to the promoter. Online PR is an excellent way of promoting since it targets the mainstream news media more precisely. A good press release that features on the website of a major news network can close the gap between a rank 30 and a rank 10 of one of your key search phrases.

A good press release is always modeled on key questions of why, when, who, where. A press release can bring free publicity from well-trafficked sites, but the release must cater to a particular audience with something specific or important. Most companies or sites use a press release to communicate something new or innovative about themselves. Unless you have something of that kind to tell, wait for a better timing for a press release.

For a press release to be acceptable to PR repositories and major websites, it should be well structured, with the most important part of the message mentioned at the top and later discussed in greater detail. The headline should ideally be less than 20 words and the date and location should be mentioned below it. The body of the release should answer the questions of the five Ws – who, what, when, where and why and should obviously discuss the product or service being highlighted. Generally all press releases carry an anchor-rich HTML link to the service or the product and one to your own website. To conclude mention about yourself and the work you do, the company name, address, phone number and web address in the release.

The next step is to submit the press release to some main online PR repositories. Most importantly, do not fail to remember to carry the original of your press release on your own site, preferably in a ‘news’ or ‘press release’ category under an ‘about us’ section. Some PR sites even offer the opportunity to feed the release into Google News and Yahoo! News. It can make a world of difference to an article or a website.